*Tap Tap* .. Is this thing on?

This is a new year, a new time, and a new way for folks to communicate. No, websites and blogs are not new, but with our society moving online with about everything this seems like a good time to start a User Group centered around a topic I invest myself into both personally and professionally… MS SQL and Data Integration.

Back in the 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s Waco had many User Groups where folks met monthly or however often to talk about and discuss topics of interest. I personally was involved in many of these types of groups, from one hosted by BBS operators, one was Starship Infinity for Star Trek fanatics, and several related to Linux. Now regional though User Groups seems to be a thing of the past.

So this year I set out to create a personal site dedicated to a topic and subject I personally have great interest in which is MS SQL Server and integration between it and, well anything else. But instead of rolling out a personal blog or site I decided to try and build a User Group around this topic to see if others are interested in jumping in. Given the virtual nature of things this doesn’t have to be regional, but I hope that one day we can try to meet in person when things are back to whatever new normal we finally settle into.

I don’t know where this group will lead. If it’s just me sharing thoughts and content then so be it, but I would love to find others who are just as into this topic as I to come on board. Also I’m no MVP nor do I have buckets of certifications, but I have been working with MS SQL Server for over 20 years. So whether you’re seasoned, an accidental DBA, a student, a developer, a manager, or you’re just a data nerd all are welcome here to share their thoughts, experiences, knowledge, and comradery. And from this we’ll see where it goes.

Thanks for your time, stay safe, and stay warm…

Sam Alexander